Messy Church

The Old Independent Messy Church

We currently run Messy Church events during most school holidays, except for the Summer holidays.   Children must be accompanied by an adult please.

At Messy Church events we have a range of free activities and crafts based on a particular theme for children of all ages.  We conclude our morning of fun with a short story or teaching, which is then followed by refreshments for everyone in the Church hall.

Our Pentecost Messy Church in May included craft  such as origami flames, flame shaped sun catchers, Pentecost spinning wheels and windsocks. Of course there was also the two firm favourite activities of icing biscuits, this time with flames and a white dove, and a game of matching pairs illustrating key ideas from the Pentecost story.

We also watched a short film to tell the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit. Our minister, Elaine, closed with a prayer and a lovely analogy of the Holy spirit being like bubbles – floating in the air and touching people and objects as they go on their journey.

Some examples of our other themes:

  • Christingle and Christmas
  • The Lost Sheep
  • The Two Builders
  • Love and Forgiveness – The Prodigal Son
  • Love thy neighbour – The Good Samaritan

For more information, or to reserve a space at our next Messy Church contact: or see our Facebook page.